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   Springer: H.W. Alt: Linear Functional Analysis (2016)

   Springer: H.W. Alt: Lineare Funktionalanalysis (6.Aufl. 2012)

Lectures Notes since 2011:

   alt-kontinuum H.W. Alt: Mathematische Kontinuumsmechanik

   alt-continuum H.W. Alt: Mathematical Continuum Mechanics

   alt-witterstein-aufgaben H.W. Alt, G. Witterstein: Aufgaben zur Kontinuumsmechanik

   alt-witterstein-exercises H.W. Alt, G. Witterstein: Continuum Mechanics. Exercises

   alt-distributionen H.W. Alt: Theorie der Distributionen (not final version)

   alt-distributions H.W. Alt: Theory of Distributions (not final version)

Recent Papers:

   (with G. Witterstein)
   Nonsymmetric pressure tensors and the spin equation
   [AMSA 32, pp.203-224, 2023]

   (with G. Witterstein)
   A new method for liquid crystals based on the spin equation
   [AMSA 31, pp.343-382, 2022]

   Magnetism and gravity. A unified treatment
   [AMSA 29, pp.1-33, 2020]

   Relativistic entropy inequality
   [AMSA 26, pp.243-272, 2017]

   Relativistic equations for the generalized Chapman-Enskog hierarchy
   [AMSA 25, pp.133-179, 2016]

   AltWitterstein-free_energy (with G. Witterstein)
   Free energy inequality in the limit of phase transition
   [AMSA 24, pp.11-65, 2014]

   AltAlt-mixture_SFB611 (with Wolfgang Alt)
   Fluid mixtures and applications to biological systems
   [SFB 611: Singular Phenomena and Scaling in Mathematical Models, pp.191-219]

   An Abstract Existence Theorem for Parabolic Systems
   [CPAA 11, pp.2079-2123, 2012]

   AltWitterstein-limit_equations-IFB (with G. Witterstein)
   Distributional equation in the limit of phase transition for fluids
   [IFB 13, pp.531-554, 2011]

   The Entropy Principle for Interfaces. Fluids and Solids
   [AMSA 19, pp.585-663, 2009]

   AltAlt-alveoli_IFB (with Wolfgang Alt)
   Phase boundary dynamics: transition between ordered and disordered lipid monolayers
   [Interfaces and Free Boundaries 11, pp.1-36, 2009]

Talks since 2011:

   Munchen2016 Relativistic equations for the generalized Chapman-Enskog hierarchy

   Freiburg2015 Surface tension and molecular dynamics

   Munchen2012 The Entropy Principle and its Mathematical Impact

   Cortona2012 An Abstract Existence Theorem for Parabolic Systems

   Prag2011 Distributional equations and the entropy principle

   Split2011 Abstract Existence Theorem for Parabolic Systems

   Regensburg2011 Distributional equations and diffuse and sharp interfaces

   Freiburg2011 Distributional equations and interfaces

Lectures Notes up to 2010:

   Probleme mit freiem Rand H.W. Alt: Elliptische Probleme mit freiem Rand

Some Papers up to 2008:

   H. W. Alt, E. DiBenedetto:
   Nonsteady flow of water and oil through inhomogeneous porous media
   [Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, tome 12, pp.335-392, 1985]

   H. W. Alt, S. Luckhaus, A.Visintin:
   On Nonstationary Flow through Porous Media
   [Annali di Matematica Pura ed Appl. 136, pp.303-316, 1984]

   Hans Wilhelm Alt, Stephan Luckhaus:
   Quasilinear Elliptic-Parabolic Differential Equations
   [Math. Z. 183, pp.311-341, 1983]

   Hans Wilhelm Alt, Gianni Gilardi:
   The behavior of the free boundary for the dam problem
   [Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, tome 9, pp.571-626, 1982]

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